The Gen X dance team gave us pure energy at our SOURCE360 Block Party this past Saturday, representing three generations of dancers from Gen XS (ages 7-11), GeNex (ages 12-15) and Gen X (ages 16-27). However, one thing is for certain, Brickhouse NYC and the X-Factory made their presence known wherever the stage called them to be.

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At the age of 22, Kourdell Young has been grooming his swift craft with Gen X for the last seven years. In fact, he is one of the original members of the senior tier team. We spoke with him to get his perspective on the electrifying performance delivered by the entire team.


The Source: Describe what the experience was like being on the SOURCE360 Block Party stage.
Kourdell Young: It was fun! The crowd’s energy was great, the team’s energy was great, and we also enjoyed being amongst so many developing artists.

We were blown away by the stage presence and emotion from Gen XS. Can you speak to how they are able to flawlessly execute, despite their youth?
We work tirelessly in practice. We make sure to instill confidence in the kids very early on. Beyond dance, we talk to them and encourage them to communicate. If they’re having a bad day, we talk with them about it. In terms of dance, we train them by dancing in front of mirrors. By doing so, they can look at themselves in the eyes as each movement comes out. The mirrors promote confidence, as opposed to them looking down at the floor.



There’s three things I tell the kids: one, leave fear at home, two, dance is more than just moves — it’s how you make people feel and what feeling you leave them with — and three, it starts in you; your confidence will show through your movement and inspire someone else.

As a senior member, what was it like watching your younger ladies and gentlemen execute flawlessly?
It was definitely rewarding to see their growth and development. It also serves as inspiration for myself and other seniors to continue pushing our limits.



Based on the conversation, you can tell Young and the entire collective are keen on confidence and fine-tuning their craft. Regardless of what Generation is on stage, the energy and aura remain unchanged. We commend Brickhouse NYC and the X-Factory for assembling a captivating squad that reflects multiple generations. With this in mind, anyone with a passion for dance regardless of age should look into joining the team.


Interested? Contact BrickhouseNYC or Generation X founder Kelly Peters via email at