Cardi B has been making headlines all weekend following her run-in with Nicki Minaj at a 2018 New York Fashion Week occasion. This news follows after reports alleged that she ordered an attack on two strip club workers at Angel’s Night Club in New York for sleeping with Offset. The string of altercations sparked the discussion if the Bronx rapper should be throwing down now that she has reached this level of success. Fellow Bronx emcee, Remy Ma came to her defense and said that people are putting unrealistic expectations on the Invasion of Privacy rapper.

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While Cardi is as of now one of Hip Hop’s household names, the rapper has only reached superstardom about a year ago and Remy is arguing that people shouldn’t expect an instant change in her behavior. During the debut episode of the State of the Culture on Revolt, co-host Joe Budden argued that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is no longer the “hood b—h from the Bronx,” however Remy Ma clapped back.

“So, who is she? Because she makes more money now, she was born somewhere else?” Remy argued. “She’s been Cardi B, the bitch from the Bronx, for 25 years. She’s been Cardi B, the bitch with the No. 1 record for one year,” the rapper continued, adding, “Sometimes people put these unrealistic expectations because you make a certain amount of money.”


Co-host Scottie Beam also agreed with Remy’s pointing, noting that Cardi B is championed for her ratchet behavior, but the minute she lives up to her words, the world is acting shocked.

The claimed occurrence amongst Cardi and Minaj happened on Sept. 7 amid the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party at the Plaza Hotel. Film from the run-in demonstrates the “Be Careful” rapper hollering, “Similar to some crap about my little girl once more.” The Bronx craftsman can likewise be heard yelling, “Bitch, come here” at Minaj.

Nicki has since spoken about the altercation on Queen Radio calling it embarrassing and mortifying. “I could not believe how humiliated it all felt because we—and I use we loosely, and I’ma clarify we—how we made ourselves look,” the Queen rapper said.

Go to the 3-minute check to see Remy Ma talking about Cardi B underneath.