It really continues to appear that the DC cinematic universe is falling apart. The latest news comes from the Hollywood Reporter who states Henry Cavill, the man we have gotten used to being the Man of Steel, is leaving Warner Bros. Cavill was Superman starting with the Man of Steel film in 2013, Batman v. Superman and Justice League.

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Cavill’s next appearance was set to be in Shazam! as a cameo but there was not an agreement that could be reached for that film and also broke down future possibilities for Henry Cavill to return for Superman at all. The deal fell apart by scheduling conflicts

For DC, the move is now on to the Supergirl films and the Man of Steel will be shelved for a while. A source close to the studio said: “Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors.”


If you are looking to see Henry Cavill in something else, he just started in the latest Mission Impossible movie alongside Tom Cruise and will soon be on the new Netflix series The Witcher.

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