Today, we honor our brother Tupac Amaru Shakur on the 22nd anniversary of his death.

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While most fans recognize the rap pioneer for his many contributions to Hip-Hop music, one thing that we’ll never forget is his super swaggy sense of style. From the red carpet to the streets, the dearly missed legend kept it all the way fresh, but he really turned up when it came to his music video looks. Even though he died way before he could give us everything that his potential would allow, we still have a good handful of examples to his influential style that still resonates today.

Take a look at 10 of 2Pac’s best music video looks, from the very beginning until the tragic end. Until the end of time, he’ll forever be the flyest. See why by scrolling through the list below…


“I Get Around” (1993)

If this summer taught us anything, it’s that less is more. ‘Pac showed us in this video that a snapback is enough on a hot summer day — basically, just go shirtless!

“If My Homie Calls” (1992)

The backwards cap, hoodie and oversized joggers — all baggy and loose, by the way — are all synonymous with the “Shakur Style.” Gotta love it.

“Keep Ya Head Up” (1993)

We’ve seen A$AP Rocky and Guess dabble in the striped tee wave, but where do you think they got the inspo from? Clearly ‘Pac has been an influence on the current rap game in more ways than one.

“To Live & Die in L.A.” (feat. Val Young) [1997]

It really doesn’t get more ’90s than muscle shirts, gold chains and baldies. 2Pac was the purveyor of the style, and still deserves credit for making it a staple during that era.

“Hit ‘Em Up” (feat. Outlawz) [1996]

Even though the subject matter in this song is pretty harsh, ‘Pac has two really fresh ‘fits in this video: the shirtless all-black denim-on-denim flow and his more signature bandana and baggy jeans style.

“2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” (feat. Snoop Dogg) [1996]

Sometimes you got to come through suited and booted, especially if you get caught up in some heat. Not only is 2Pac fresh in his three-piece get-up, but the homie Snoop doesn’t look half bad either.

“Brenda’s Got a Baby” (1992)

Even though the video is in black and white, you can clearly see that he stays fresh regardless of the moment or emotion. That Timberland jacket with the striped detailing on the sleeves is so boss.

“I Ain’t Mad at Cha” (feat. Danny Boy) [1996]

Given the way his life played out, it’s only fitting that the legend be decked out in all-white for one of his final music videos. The fact that he’s rapping from the heaven in the visuals is just a bittersweet coincidence.

“How Do U Want It” (feat. K-Ci & JoJo) [1996]

2Pac had a lot of iconic looks, but the leather vest, bandana and baggy denim jeans is a staple to his signature steez. K-Ci and JoJo both did their thing as well, but the All Eyez on Me MC holds it down in three fresh ‘fits that makes him the most stylish in this video.

“California Love” (feat. Dr. Dre) [1996]

Futuristic, stranded-in-the-desert aesthetic vibes? Lit! Our boy definitely was ahead of the curve with this apocalyptic warrior steez get-up he was rocking here.

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R..I.P. Pac…