Mac Miller was dead for a long time before his body was found in his room and 911 was called, TMZ reports, which brings attention to the party that went down in his home the night before.

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Law enforcements report that when they arrived at the rapper’s home on Friday, it was apparent that he passed away hours before their arrival.

According to TMZ, some friends came over to Mac Miller’s crib to hang out and stayed until the early morning. Eventually, his body was discovered at noon. He passed away of an apparent overdose. But no one came forward saying they saw Mac alive after Thursday night.


He was pronounced dead at the scene after someone in his home made the 911 call. The call was initially made for a “cardiac arrest” because he wasn’t breathing or responsive, but it’s clear that the person didn’t realize that he was already dead.

There was only a tiny amount of white powder found when the house was searched. Cops believe that the crib was cleaned of any drugs before they got there.

The rapper’s reason for death is still unconfirmed, as per his death certificate. The Coroner is anticipating toxicology results, which ordinarily take 4 to 6 weeks.