Former member of the legendary Fugees has a lot to say and he linked up with Old Man Ebro on Hot 97 to drop some science about what many may not know about the award-winning trio.

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Pras says that so much has gone on in The Fugees camp that there’s no repairing it. Alleging that trio was offered $90 million for a 15-month reunion tour, but Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean questioned the offer as well as asserting that he doesn’t want to go back with the crew, claiming “it would be like going back into a rabbit hole. It was an emotional roller coaster.” In a swift contradiction, the third Fugee also claims that he founded the group, but

“I knew I was on the Titanic when I was with the Fugees”

Now, Pras did have some positive words to say, including the fact that Ms. Hill wrote 100% of her rhymes for her landmark LP The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, disputing a rumor that stuck to her legacy in the game like velcro.


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