Soccer is unlike any other sport out there. From the equipment (or lack thereof) to the widespread field that athletes play on, even down to the actual name of it all — ‘soccer’ vs. ‘football’ is still a heavy debate — the Major League melee that officially launched 24 years ago here in the States has truly become a world of its own. One team that’s helped it grow over the past two decades is without a doubt the New York Red Bulls, and they’ve got a lot of tips and know-how on what it takes to play the game, or for that matter how to physically get through one.

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It goes without saying that 90 minutes to play an actual game is a lot, so we decided to get a quick exclusive with NY Red Bulls midfielder Sean Davis as they prepare for both the big game against D.C. United today and the team’s new ad spot with Red Bull (seen above) to promote the new limited edition Supporter Cans.

Keep scrolling to get 10 of Sean’s greatest techniques, tricks and “little routines” as he like to call them on how professional players make it through a game — and the next one, and the next one:


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“Preparation starts earlier in the week. As they say at Red Bull, ‘After the game is before the game.’ Basically, as soon as the game ends you have to get ready for the next game.”

Image: Vincent Carchietta / USA TODAY Sports

“Throughout the week, I get massages, manage my training well and just eat good off the field.”

Image: Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images

“When we go over video, you have to understand your role in comparison to what the other team’s tactics and set pieces are; it allows you to be mentally and fully prepared.”

Image: Julio Cortez / AP Photo

“Physical preparation is key. Sleeping really well before the game is important — I personally have a pregame routine where I go to bed at a certain time and wake up at a certain time. I actually go home to my parent’s house and my mom makes the same pre-game meal every time that gives me a good nap [Laughs].”

“Mentally preparing while driving to the game is important, too. Listening to your favorite music can help.”

Image: Matt Kremkau / Empire of Soccer

“I have a little routine: I have a Gatorade bar before the game with an actual Gatorade. Most of the day I’m just drinking water. It gives me that extra boost once the game starts.”

” Once the game starts, you really have to stay active throughout the match. We have these little smelling salts — boxers take them when they’re concussed — and they wake you up before the game so you’re good to go.”

Image: Alex Prewitt / Sports Illustrated

“A lot of guys have these things called a “hot shot.” It’s for cramping, and it tastes kind of like a Fireball shot. I don’t know if the ingredients are very different, but it works [Laughs]!”

“When the second half comes around, it’s really important to get those hydration breaks in. Sneaking them in on a corner kick for example really helps.”

Image: New York Red Bulls

“Of course, a can of Red Bull helps too. A lot of guys take that at halftime and it gives you that extra boost.”

Image: New York Red Bulls

Watch Sean Davis and the New York Red Bulls take on D.C. United today at the new Audi Field, beginning at 1PM EST on ESPN and New York Red Bulls Radio.