Since its inception, the Source Magazine Unsigned Hype was meant to serve as a runway. On this runway, the stars of tomorrow have been cleared for takeoff. While we may guide their path to stardom, it is up to the artist to fly the course once airborne.

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Our 2018 Unsigned Hype Showcase was one of the best we’ve had in recent years. One of their favorites was an out of towner by the name of Paul Thee OG. Although he may be young, he carries himself like an OG. We sat down with him for a conversation about his humble beginnings and his 2018 SOURCE360 experience.

Hailing from Alabama, by way of Maryland he says he started rapping at the tender age of 12 or 13. Still, in middle school, he quickly realized his passion for music. By 2011, he was opening for Future. Continuing to perfect his craft, in 2018 he opened for 2chainz. Keeping the ball rolling he hit the 2018 Unsigned Hype stage.


What was your mentality going into your performance?

Paul Thee OG: Pray, trust God and deliver.

Describe what was going through your mind on stage?

Paul Thee OG: Don’t focus on anything else except the mission.

Having said that, all of our judges collectively agreed, “you’re ready for the light.” What is it like hearing that?

Paul Thee OG: It was motivation. Great feedback from all the legends in the room. Not to mention The Source atmosphere overall.

DJ Enuff  and Craig King said the right feature may be all you need to push you to the next level. Who would you pick and why?

Paul Thee OG: 2chainz, because I opened up for him in Atlanta once, his energy is magnetic and I think we could bring a good vibe to Hip Hop collectively.

We know you’re from Alabama but you’re up in New York City pursuing your goals, Can you talk more about where you come from and how that shapes your mentality?

Paul Thee OG: I’m Maryland made, Selma raised. I was born in Maryland but my family originated in Selma, Alabama. Being from Maryland and migrating to Bama in middle school, I developed a northern mentality which I adapted to my southern environment.  I consider myself the best of both worlds.

Traveling has also taught me a lot about respect. Even to sit with you here in Sutter Gardens, of East New York as we conduct this interview, takes mutual respect. I’ve never seen this side of New York but I can tell in order to exist here, you must be respected. Wherever I go, I come in peace, respect, and humbleness.

Have you performed in NYC prior to the 2018 Source Unsigned Hype?

Paul Thee OG: Yes I have performed four times in NY, with The Source being my fourth show. It is by far my favorite NY show to this point.

The Unsigned Hype Showcase took place about two weeks ago, but clearly, you’re still moving around NYC.

Paul Thee OG: Yes. I’m still out here in NY working on music and recording wherever possible. The value of hard work can’t be underestimated. I’m always looking to perfect my craft.

All things considered, what’s next for Paul Thee OG?

Paul Thee OG: By this time next year I want to be opening up for a bigger artist or on my own tour. Project coming by the end of October.

Paul Thee OG made his presence felt at our 2018 Source Unsigned Hype. He as been fortunate enough to connect with big names early on in his career. His spirited and focused approach to music should serve him well in 2019.