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They’re pretty, they can rap, they can dance and their style is immaculate. The Taylor Girlz have all the tools needed to steal any girl’s man. Since signing to RCA records in 2017, they have released their debut EP, Who Are Those Girlz?

The Girlz have developed a loyal fan base, who have not only watched their progression since 2014 following the release of their mixtape GirlzPlay 2, but have been riding with them like their parents did in the 90s with TLC and The Spice Girl. By 2016, the Girlz released “Steal Her Man,” the track’s infectious instrumental was provided by Bolo Da Producer, the same man who helped Silentó teach us how to whip/ Nae Nae. Likewise, the vibrant track and added dance moves captivated over 30 million YouTube viewers, 4.6 million Soundcloud listeners, 4.8 million Spotify streamers, and 2 million Apple Music listeners in less than six months.

Despite the breakout start the Girlz are a homegrown operation. In fact, Daysha and Ti are sisters and teamwork was championed in the Taylor home. “Growing up, our parents always taught us that there is power in numbers,” exclaims Ti. “The more people you have around you, the more powerful you can be.”


With this in mind, we appreciated having the Taylor Girlz pull up to our 2018 SOURCE360 Block Party. Indeed it was a Hip-Hop family affair. The Atlanta natives didn’t miss a beat and made themselves feel at home on our block party stage. Fitting right in, they caught the Brooklyn vibe quickly and delivered an incredible show.

Thankfully, after their high energy show, the Girlz still had enough energy to tell us about their 2018 SOURCE360 experience.

Describe what it was like being on the SOURCE360 stage?

Daysha: It was absolutely amazing being able to step foot on a stage with so much influence!

Ti: I loved being on the stage especially since it was our first time performing in NYC ever!

Welcome to New York, Brooklyn to be specific, what was the crowd like?

Daysha: The crowd was crazy it was so good seeing all of our support!

Ti: The crowd had such great energy, I loved it.

Being originally from Alabama, having a home Base in ATL what was it like performing on the streets of Brooklyn?

Daysha: It’s always a blessing to be able to travel and touch different stages we haven’t touched, I loved the feeling of hearing our fans sing every lyric.

Ti: It felt great being in a new scenery, touching our Brotherz.

Describe a memorable moment from either your performance or your 2018 SOURCE360 experience overall?

Daysha: The experience was great overall my most memorable moment was being able to take pics and enjoy our fans love and support.

Ti: My most memorable moment was seeing the fans and seeing the fashion.

So what’s next for the Taylor Girlz? 

Daysha: we have a lot of big things going on we have a new song coming out called lessons drops September 30, 2018, at 12 am EST.
Ti: we also start our tour at the end of the month on November 30th so look forward to that

Breaking ground in Hip Hop is what we’re all about. We thank the Taylor Girlz for rocking with us and our entire audience. With most of their core fan base stemming from social media, the Girlz are eager to interact with and engage fans. If you haven’t heard of this dynamic duo we encourage you to get familiar. “Steal Her Man” peaked at #1 On Billboard‘s Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Chart and bowed at #11 on the Pandora Trendsetters Chart.

They’re pretty, they can rap, they can dance and their style is immaculate. TG covers all angles and they are on the rise.

Source: RCA