Fresh off the heels of the success of his latest hit, “I Love It” featuring Lil Pump, Kanye West fans have much more music to look forward to.

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The “Scoopity Poop” rapper has a joint project on the way with Chance the Rapper called Good Ass Job. He also has a new solo album called Yandhi, which apparently is a dub off of the great leader Ghandi.

The Chicago rapper took to Twitter Monday night to post what appears to be an album cover. The cover art is extremely similar to that of the Yeezus’ CD. The album is set to release September 29th. Yeezy will also be performing at the premiere Saturday Night Live on the same day that the album is expected to release.


We all know that Kanye West is a musical genius despite a few hiccups. Therefore, we hope his newest projects are his usual classics and not scoopity poop!