Lady Gaga is currently on a press tour promoting her forthcoming film, A Star is Born. She sat down with Bossip and was asked about the abrupt cancellation of her 2009 joint tour with Kanye West called Fame Kills, following Ye’s outburst to Taylor Swift at the VMAs that year.

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In 2016, West confessed that the cancellation of the tour was the “beginning of the end of my life.”


Gaga didn’t get into specifics. Instead, she gracefully answered the question looping back in the point of the interview, which is the film, and noted that the film also touches on mental health issues.

“Everybody has a threshold and everybody’s a human. And artists are human,” she said. “I think that this film [A Star is Born] also deals with mental health issues, substance abuse, addiction, [and] a lot of trauma as well (…) I think it’s important to take care of people and to look out for the mental health. I think there’s nothing wrong with it, if an artist needs to stop it’s them listening to their body and their mind.”

Co-star, Bradley Cooper, also chimed in and gave his two cents. Watch the video in its entirety here.