The summer season may be winding down but Bad Bunny and J Balvin are keeping the cool breeze vibes alive with their joint album Oasis.

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You may be plotting on a winter coat but these two Latin Hip Hop artists are plotting on delivering a few refreshing tunes to replenish the full body.

Bad Bunny dives into the Oasis and returns to shore with a deeper understanding of the album’s title. “It means more than just water,” says Bunny.


Explaining further he says, “it’s a rescue, a relief, to freshen up. When you go to an oasis, you go there to supply yourself with the vital things you are missing, things that you need. That’s why it says water, because human beings can’t live without water.”

Despite the holistic description The album has yet to be released.

Balvin previously hinted at the notion of a Bad Bunny collaborative effort in an interview on Beats 1 with Ebro Darden, where he mentioned they had recorded six or seven songs.

2018 seems to be the year of short albums. Winter is still coming soon so this Oasis won’t stay long.