Bhad Bhabie decided to pay homage to Eminem in her latest discharge, 15, after her fans claimed that he ripped off her “Hi Bich” single.

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The 15-year-old rapper unveiled what she thought about the Internet trolls’ comments: “Wit all that talk last week about eminem stealing Hi Bich flow (even though I don’t believe it), I decided to go back in the studio and change the last line on the last song called ‘Bhad Bhabie Story’ of my 15 mixtape #cleaningoutmycloset.”


The line in question goes like: “I been sent like 20 articles n shit about this n Eminem def didn’t rip Hi Bich and even if he did – I wouldn’t give a fuck,” Bhabie wrote to her Instagram earlier this month. “I don’t listen to none of his music but I know he one of the best ever.”

Without Bhabie’s clarification, this line just pays respect to Marshall Mathers, who frequently criticized his mother. Bhabie became famous, first as Danielle Bregoli, in the wake of barking on her mother at her mother on Dr. Phil. She underscores, similar to Em once did, that she could never diss her mom only for notoriety or for a record, however just to recount the account of her own troubled childhood.

In spite of the enthusiasm from her fans, Bhabie immediately rejected cases Eminem had copied “Hey Bich” on his Kamikaze track “Not Alike,” which incorporated a few lines aimed at Machine Gun Kelly. “I been sent like 20 articles n poo about this n Eminem def didn’t tear Hi Bich and regardless of whether he did – I wouldn’t give a fuck,” Bhabie kept in touch with her Instagram prior this month. “I don’t tune in to none of his music yet I know he extraordinary compared to other ever.”