Imagine Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady playing for the same team.

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Mark Geragos, Colin’s attorney, suggested to TMZ Sports that two NFL teams may be interested in signing the former quarterback. “I would just say, ‘Stay tuned’ … that next week there may be some news,” Geragos responded when asked if his client would be playing this season.

The reporter tried to make him spill more tea but he kept his lips sealed. But he did drop a couple hints. He suggested that Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, was interested in Colin Kaepernick. “I’ll say this … if Al Davis was still alive.”


Interestingly, Al’s son, Mark Davis took over the Raiders following his father’s death, and he recently said it’ll be a good idea for Nike to sign Kap.

Moreover, Geragos revealed that Kap and his girl, Hot 97’s Nessa, are not boycotting the NFL. They watch as fans and support players like Kenny Stills. Also, he’s definitely getting his own shoe with Nike.