Thirty years ago on the 12th of this month, legendary Brooklyn rapper MC Lyte dropped her debut album Lyte As A Rock, which became the prototype for female emcees that could rock the mic better than some of the guys.

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She’s the first female MC to be nominated for a Grammy Award as well as the first female MC to rock at the White House. Tonight (September 21), the Brooklyn, New Yorker will honor her debut with a special 30th-anniversary concert at Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center. Performing in the Eisenhower Theater, the event promises a full album performance with backing by a live band. Lyte will rock selections from her handfuls of other releases.

This Hip Hop show will be the latest of its kind in the Kennedy Center since Q-Tip took over the John F. Kennedy Center as the Performing Arts artistic director in early 2016.


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