Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon paid a surprise visit to some kids by crashing a few classes at a high school in Queens, N.Y. While they were there, they decided to run a competition to see who would be the better student. Everything went down on Wednesday’s scene of The Tonight Show.

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First up was math class. Jimmy Fallon decided to be a suck up and brought his teacher the shiniest apple from the tree. Kevin Hart got one up though because while Jimmy Fallon was giving out apples, he was walking in with Apple products. After that, the teacher barely paid Jimmy any mind.

Kevin 1, Jimmy 0.


Next was science but that didn’t last long. Once it was dissecting time the two just couldn’t do it.

“I’m going to throw up,” Hart said. “I can see his ass.”

After that, it was lunchtime. Kevin Hart fit right in, I mean he is the same size as all the kids. Jimmy on the other hand still wasn’t doing too good because he just kept telling the most awkward jokes that nobody found funny but him.

Once it was time for gym class, there was no improvement, nothing got better. They were both late so they both had to climb the ropes, what a struggle. They played some dodgeball and Jimmy just didn’t seem to be having a good day as this went on.

Then somehow, they ended up at a graduation ceremony where the better student was going to be announced.

“Jimmy, we know you tried very, very hard and we’re very proud of you,” the commencement speaker said. “But Kevin, you are the better student.”

Kevin Hart started to tear up while accepting the honor and as a prize for the students, he told them that they were going to see his new movie Night School before it officially hit theaters.