Asian Doll sat down at the hot seat during 21 questions. She asked the “Arm Froze” rapper talks friendships, her last fight, zodiac signs, and plays a classic game of ‘Smash Kill or Marry’ and more.

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“If you could choose two dolls to record your last song with who would it be?” The hosts, WithJas and ByTokiwa, asked. “Y’all is crazy,” she responded. But eventually revealed that she would collaborate with DreamDoll and Kash Doll.


This is ironic considering that the two had a minor Twitter beef in the middle of the Summer.

“Asian been not liking me over a nigga i didn’t even want!” Kash wrote. “She be fronting to y’all! I’m a grown [ass] woman i never had beef with her i think she’s like 20 but u can’t keep popping off when u was a fan before and i embraced yo lil ass!”

“Been on my dick since I was 19 bitch get a grip already,” she wrote. “Shut up you talk to much not enough recording!!” The Gucci Mane signee continued, “Asian doll has No beef with nobody! I’m in album mode.”

Clearly, Asian Doll is no hater and is mature enough to see passed the fact that they may not have the best relationship, but could make music together.

Watch the full interview below: