When Childish Gambino released “This Is America,” Both the song and accompanying video immediately grabbed your attention. Provoking deep thought about our society and what is acceptable.

Rapper I-NZ of Dubai is harnessing the political scrutiny of Gambino’s hit single to call attention to how America’s foreign policy has impacted the Iraqi people since the 2003 invasion.

Ironically, the parody video was released on the fourth of July. The video reimagines imagery of U.S. soldiers torturing Iraqi civilians. Much like the abuse allegations which surrounded U.S. forces.


Furthermore, the citizens of Iraq were allegedly subjected to rape and murder. I-NZ stands firm on his criticism, “the initial U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was illegal should have never happened,” he said during a conversation with Newsweek.

Elaborating further he said, “for the most, I don’t believe that any country should act as an occupying force on foreign lands.”

From his perspective, the war in Iraq was simply a cloak to cover the U.S.’ ulterior motive of reaching Iraqi oil reserves.

As the beat breaks down he raps, “The U.S. taught me, get your crystals, send man.” When speaking to The National he said, “Ultimately, I want people to remember what Iraq has gone through from 2003 until today. Just because the media aren’t holding a magnifying glass to Iraq anymore, doesn’t mean that people aren’t still dying.”

The human cost of war will always be greater than any monetary value. I-NZ delivered a powerful message which no American can deny. Keep in mind, U.S. forces are still in Iraq.