On Monday morning, Tomi Lauren scrutinized Michelle Obama for standing behind her husband former President Obama and all of his accomplishments. Tomi told Michelle via Twitter to “sit down” after Michelle said Barack was a “great President”. Tomi also wrote, “Michelle Obama said we ‘had’ a great president. By what measure? Not in economic growth. Not in border enforcement. Not in strength on the world stage. Sit down, Michelle.”

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While fans from both political gatherings can bicker about how great of a President Obama was, the thing that irritated folks on twitter was Tomi’s tone and the advising Michelle to “take a seat” part. MMG rapper Wale happens to be one of those individuals who couldn’t let this one slide and needed to check Tomi Monday evening, asking her why she was so mad!

He wrote, “Tammy when we stand ..u mad.. when we kneel u mad… why u so mad Tammy?”


Tomi Lahren and Wale have had their share of beef in the past over Wale mentioning Tomi in a song. He got Tomi frustrated for calling her “Tammy” in the record. Hence the reason why he revisits their old feud by calling ‘Tammy’ in his recent post defending former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

WELP… We are sure this is just the beginning!