A 15-year-old is on record stating that Nicki Minaj is doing too much. Bhad Bhabie did an interview with Big Boy, where she played “Fire or Poop,” a game where she awards named figures with an emoji. When asked about Nicki Minaj, who she admits she grew up on, Bhabie awarded the Queen creator the poop emoji for the way she has recently been acting.

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“I grew up listening to Nicki, that was the female rap I was raised on,” Bhad Bhabie said. “She is doing way too much. She’s way too salty about this old shit. When it comes to the Travis shit. The Kylie, Stormi shit. When it comes to the Cardi shit. Way too much. Way too fucking much.”

Many who will hear the criticisms of Bhad Bhabie will agree. Sections of the Internet state that Nicki Minaj is going nuts with all of the media statements she said regarding everyone from Travis Scott to Cardi B. Take a listen to Bhad Bhabie’s opinion below and let us know if you agree if Nicki Minaj is doing too much.