Comedian Issa Rae is not only notable for being America’s most awkward black girl but for producing and starring in her hit show Insecure on HBO.

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However, before Insecure, Rae graced several best-seller lists after releasing her book, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” titled after her YouTube series with the same name. In her book, Rae touches on several topics while sharing her POV being a Black woman in today’s society. This includes dealing with the hardships that come along with working, dating, partying and life in general.

Rae apparently still has fans purchasing the book because she began trending early Monday morning after receiving backlash from fans via Twitter.


The trolling started when a fan revealed a highlighted a passage from her book where Rae encourages Black woman to embrace the idea of dating Asian men who get the same treatment as black women in society; being heavily stigmatized and undesired.  Rae suggested the two races join forces due to Asian woman dating outside their race and black men doing the same, hence, suggesting why not date each other.

Rae being completely satirical in her book received the wrath of the Twitter fingers. Check out the commentary below: