Hip-Hop fans are currently either doing one of three things: listening to Lil Wayne’s possibly gold-selling new album Tha Carter V, doing the #UproarChallenge, or checking for the latest TCV merch drop that’s been hitting Weezy’s web store consistently every day since last Wednesday at 5PM EST. We’ll leave the first two for the hardcore Wayne heads out there, but we got you right here on the merch, as the latest drop just became available.

The new collaborative piece seen here was done with help from Ignored Prayers. According to the brand’s head honcho Scott Tepper, also the former Creative Director of HUF, this shirt was inspired by Weezy’s flow. The design, which features vibrant purple speckles, robin egg blue lettering and a prayer hand graphic motif that’s basically become a signature move for Wayne at this point, definitely embodies Mr. Carter’s essence in an abstract way. We’re just a little surprised there’s no red incorporated into the design.

Head to shop.thacarterv.com right now to pick up the latest drop in Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V album merch, only available for the next 24 hours. The collaborative Ignored Prayers long-sleeve shirt retails for $65 USD, and comes bundled with a digital download of the album and presale ticket access for Weezy’s upcoming 2019 tour. Get it while you can!