For the first time in New York City, three of Jamaica’s dancehall giants will hit the same stage. On Saturday, December 1, Mavado, Alkaline and Jahmiel will perform in Queens New York as MVP.

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Celebrating his birthday and also the celebration of life, what better way than with his brothers in music who over the past two years remain dancehall unified powerhouse. With the moniker MVP, (dancehall Most Valuable Players) Mavado, Vendetta (Alkaline) and Patriotz (Jahmiel) have toured the world under this umbrella selling out several outdoor festivals in the United States and Canada while still maintaining three separate careers and their own huge fan base.

“MVP is an alignment of artists at the heights of their powers, any one of whom is more than capable of attracting big crowds wherever people love dancehall music—which in 2018 means pretty much anywhere in the world. All parties involved emphasize that they are not a group and they can and will do their own thing whenever they please. Mavado, Alkaline, and Jahmiel have come together because real dancehall culture needs this right now. At this particular moment in music history, MVP’s full combined star power is more important than giving in to the usual forces that drive show business” says Music Journalist Reshma B


With their own unique artistry, each artist is able to maintain a huge fan base on their own, while touring Europe, UK, US, Canada, and the Caribbean, yet the unity of all three artists on one concert has become an energetic and vivacious performance, which dancehall is known for.