Yesterday [October 1st], Kanye made another stop at the TMZ offices to share his thoughts on more than a few topics. Amongst those topics, Kanye discussed attempting to get Trump and Kaepernick to sit down together as men, recording his upcoming album Yandhi in Africa and his plan to drop the album on Black Friday. Furthermore, Kanye expressed how he felt Lebron James should’ve remained in Cleveland to play basketball.

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Kanye explained that he had a meeting with the Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, in which they discussed healing cities, Cleveland and Detroit in particular. Kanye stated, “I’mma just, it’s not my place … but just to make it Ye — I feel like LeBron really needs to be in Cleveland. It ain’t my place, I’m sorry Mav and Lebron for saying, I knoI’mIm speaking out of place, but I feel like LeBron needs to be in Cleveland. Ye needs to be in Chicago. Big U needs to be in Crenshaw.”

It seems that Kanye believes all hometown heroes should remain in their hometown in order for positive change to occur when in reality Lebron is making an impact in Cleveland despite his move to Los Angeles.