A while back Kyrie Irving answered a question about his belief’s of how the Earth was flat, resulting in a running joke for the last couple of years. On Monday (Oct. 1), Uncle Drew was asked about the comments again and he clarified that they came from a time where he was big into conspiracy theories.

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“At the time, I was huge into conspiracies, and everybody’s been there. Everybody’s been there. Like, ‘Yooo, what’s going on with our world?’ You know, you click the YouTube click and it’s like, how deep the rabbithole goes,” Irving said.

Kyrie hopes that this is the last he hears of the flat earth mention and also apologized to the teachers.


“You can’t tell me anything.’ So, I’m sorry about all that, for all the science teachers. Everybody coming up to me like, ‘You know I gotta reteach my whole curriculum!’ I’m sorry. I apologize.”

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