Although Wayne has finally overcome the long legal war between him and his former label head Birdman, there seems to still be conflict surfacing from a 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus. Although the case was closed back in 2017, it seems that the tour bus’ bus driver wants to take legal action against the shooter himself since the conviction was previously overturned. The bus driver, Alvin Lewis, believes that the shooting caused him pain and suffering and the case needs to be dealt with accordingly and not thrown under the rug.

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More recently, an excerpted audio of a phone call between the shooter, Jimmy ‘PeeWee’ Roscoe and Birdman have surfaced in which Birdman tells Winfrey, “It’s time for you to come out here and get your money, man . . . You done did everything you could do, boss,” Birdman says during the call. “It’s an eye-opener, bruh. Strictly business, man.”


In addition, phone records show Young Thug called Winfrey 8 times within 12 minutes before the shooting at 3 am. With such evidence, the Cobb County District Attorney’s office has decided to revisit the case and make a decision regarding the possible charges that could be placed against Birdman, Young Thug, and Winfrey. Stay tuned for more details on this case.