WWE Raw took place in Seattle Monday night and the crowd in attendance became very sensitive over a basketball joke.

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WWE heel Elias took center stage in the ring where he typically slings jabs at the fans in attendance and delivered one of his greatest on mic performances to date along with Kevin Owens. First, KO mentioned how Bobby Lashley teaming with John Cena doesn’t make sense, which set up Elias to bring the house down.

“It doesn’t make sense, ya know? It’s like having a basketball team in Seattle.” As expected, the crowd revolted before Elias interjected again, “Oklahoma City, now I get that. But a team here, it just doesn’t make sense.” The arena then went into a fit of rage that lasted all throughout the remainder of Elias’ in-ring segment and is probably still going on today.


For those of you who don’t know, Seattle residents have been super bitter ever since the Seattle Supersonics headed to OKC in the 2008-2009 season.

What ensued was almost five minutes of ceaseless booing, with Elias left to sit in the middle of the ring and soak it all in. He managed to hit the biggest nerve possible as Seattle sports fans hope the NBA will return to the city following a new arena agreement, which was signed in December 2017.

Still, it’s a sore topic, especially as die-hard Sonics fans watch each year as the Thunder compete in the playoffs and Kevin Durant is helping lead the Warriors to NBA titles. Meanwhile, Elias can be happy that he is now on top of the mountain for getting one of the biggest reactions of all time.