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Former NBA star (and Khloé Kardashian’s ex!)Lamar Odom was reportedly kidnapped and held hostage after a night of gambling. A new report reveals the 38-year-old spent two days with his captors back in June while his girlfriend, Savanna Waldrop, and her daughter were threatened with a gun.

“Lamar has massive separation anxiety so he flew to meet [Savanna] in her hometown, even though she told him no and she needed to have some time alone with her family,” a source told Radar Online.



According to Radar Online, Odom nearly got himself, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s infant daughter killed this summer due to the ex-basketball star gambling money he had borrowed from some very shady individuals. “The bookies had no idea someone famous like Lamar didn’t have the cash to pay them back. And you don’t mess with these guys,” writes Radar as a set-up to what came next.

He wasn’t released until his girlfriend paid Lamar’s captors half of the money owed, around $5,000. Odom was not injured during the ordeal, but he has yet to pay the balance of the money owed.

Instead of feeling sorry for his actions which put not only his own life but also his family’s life in danger, Odom, later on, made light of the extremely terrifying situation. “When we survive this, we will laugh about it on a beach somewhere getting high,” he told his girlfriend in a text.

Odom seems to find himself in all kinds of drama all the time.  Maybe having a gun drawn on himself and loved ones might be the wake-up call Odom really needs.