The video surveillance from the melee that took place in September between Machine Gun Kelly and actor G-Rod has been released.

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On Wednesday (Oct 3), the hotel released the video to TMZ, which shows the confrontation at the hotel 2 hours later, and you see a member of Kelly’s posse run up behind G-Rod, put him in a bear hug, pick him up and body slam him. The fracas took place after G-Rod called the “Rap Devil” rapper a “p-ssy” over the 2014 comment he made to Eminem via Twitter calling the Detroit legend’s daughter “hot.”

G-Rod was badly injured but told the site that he will drop the criminal investigation he launched as well as a lawsuit if Machine Gun Kelly fights him in the Octagon.


After the release of the video, G-Rod had a few choice words for MGK and his crew.

“Real f**king manly of this BITCH!!! Tell him I’ll take him plus 1 of his goons to get him to my weight class!!! And I’ll drop all charges!!” MGP***Y.”

In other Machine Gun Kelly news, the rapper has put aside his industry beef to release a new single, “GTS (Going Thru Shit).” The single which is featured on the Binge EP, received a new visual directed by Jordan Wozy, showcase some telling visuals to match the song’s alarming lyrical content.

The video which seems to give you insight into what MGK maybe going through currently features the rapper bathing himself in a flickering green light, creating a hectic sense of urgency as Kelly stares at the camera, showcasing an open wound etched across his throat, bleeding freely.

Check out the video below.

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