It seems that whenever we hear Ebro and Kanye in the same sentence, we know it is about to go left. And we are not talking politics.

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Kanye reached out to Old Man Ebro via a mutual friend named T. Mills to beseech his assistance in coordinating a call between Colin Kaepernick to meet with Donald Trump. Over the last few days, Kanye has been making grand overtures to make this happen on social media and during televised interviews. Kap did exactly what most of his supporters believed he should have done: Paid him dust.


In what we hope is his last resort, Kanye gets the number from T. Mills and calls Ebro on his cell. All are grateful because we know what happens when Kanye calls up to the radio station. It still went weird. Kanye shifted the request from hoping for a call to wanting a meeting at The White House on Oct. 11th. Ebro shut that down with one statement, “Yeah, nah. We not doing that.” and to his listeners hit the DJ Khaled button that exclaimed, “You played yourself.”

Kanye could not understand why an invitation to Colin had to include Ebro. When Kanye (and T. Mills) tried to clear up that the invitation was to Colin Kaepernick and not the radio personality, Ebro answered firmly, “When it comes to Colin Kaepernick it is a ‘we.’ There are people standing with Colin Kaepernick, rallying around him. We are not doing that. Y’all think we are playing games.”

While there are a lot of reasons why Team Trump would want the former NFL player to meet with the POTUS (midterm elections are around the corner and this photo-op would send signals to thousands of impressionable voters who could be persuaded by the smoke and mirrors), many believe there is nothing beneficial to the Black and Brown community and the integrity of Kaepernick’s cause if he did.