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Fans of Fox’s hit series Lethal Weapon may be disappointed to find out that Damon Wayans is departing the show. In an interview with, Wayans revealed the production of the show is too taxing for his life and he will exit after the current 13 episodes of Season 3 is completed.

“I’m going to be quitting the show in December after we finish the initial 13. So, I really don’t know what they’re planning, but that’s what I’m planning,” Wayans revealed.


Seems harsh right? Not exactly. Damon Wayans would go on to detail that he is doing it for his own health and well-being. Wayans is 58 years of age and also battling with diabetes. He also states that he is “giving them enough time to find a replacement.”

Wayans also states he is trying to “find my smile again.

“It’s hard for me to play this loving, supportive father/husband/friend on TV but be the guy in life that who’s telling everybody, ‘I can’t — I have to work.’”

Wayans departure would follow his former co-star Clayne Crawford who was written out of the show by death, but in real life was stated to be a problem to numerous others on set. The show replaced Crawford with Seann William Scott and was met with a warm reception by both responses to the performance and in ratings.