Tina Lawson and her husband, Richard Lawson, recently appeared on OWN’s, Black Love, docu-series, where the wedded couple shared touching stories about the beginning of their love journey. Prior to getting married in 2014, the designer and mother to Beyoncé Knowles-Carter revealed that her granddaughter, Blue Ivy, was the first person to ask when were they getting married.

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“And then, after that [her 60th birthday party], I went on boat with Beyoncé, Jay, and Blue and one night we came down and Blue said, ‘Oh y’all look beautiful. When are y’all getting married?’ I think she was about 3. Not that that made us do it but it made us start laughing about it and thinking about it.”

Richard likewise shared the means it took as he arranged to approach Tina for her hand in marriage, “I called her children and I asked for her hand in marriage from them. I thought that that was important because I knew without that, based upon the fact that Tina lives for her children, it didn’t stand a chance, unless they were on board. And I was fortunate enough that they were completely on board and they were just over the top excited about it.”


Following 30 years, Tina separated from her ex-husband, Matthew Knowles in 2011, and was seen dating Richard in 2013. The grandma changed her last name to Lawson in 2014, when she wedded Richard on a yacht.

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