Legendary music manager Debra “Deb” Antney has worn a number of hats in the entertainment industry. She has groomed some of Hip-Hop’s biggest artists and producers such as Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Lex Luger, and her son, Waka Flocka Flame. In addition to her management expertise, she has graced the tv screen as well. Her roles in the Growing Up Hip-Hop and Love & Hip Hop franchises has made her a bonafide public figure. Aside from her music maven status, the Mizay Music Group CEO is the philanthropic queen of Atlanta.

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Deb founded the No Reckless Internet Posting Foundation (R.I.P.) to prevent cyberbullying following the death of her youngest son Caodes “KayO” Scott. Scott did not believe in saying rest in peace. Instead, he believed that our spirits live forever. The foundation’s main priority is to put an end to harmful comments posted online.

“The internet is the murder capital of the world,” said Antney, “so I chose to go there.” She described how angry her late son would get after reading comments about his family.


Once the foundation was up and running, a number of children and adults begin to share their stories with her. No Reckless Internet Posting led to the birth of No Reckless Intentions Period. Antney then adopted Brown Elementary School in Atlanta. At Brown, she established a store that provided a number of key essentials for students and their families.

“I seen how well this was working (in the school and) we didn’t have a problem with bullying anymore,” she said. From clothes and sneakers to hygiene products, the store became a necessary entity to the school’s operation.

Boys were able to get haircuts, while girls were able to get their hair done. It was an all-inclusive environment that made life easier for students to learn. After seeing Deb’s initiative, HURT-911 stepped in to support the objective. Antney mentions Ludacris and HURT-911 as two of her biggest supporters. In August HURT presented Antney’s Foundation with a $10,000 check during her the “Eat Drink and BE Charitable event.

Her passion for philanthropy continues to drive her work in Atlanta. Antney’s work with the youth is an assurance for a better future, as she prepares our leaders of tomorrow.