50 Cent is notorious for operating in uncomfortable situations. He works well with tension. Social media’s favorite troll uses the provocative content that entices people to tune in. Recently, Instagram took down a post of his that was deemed inappropriate. The Power television producer was not too pleased about the removal of his post.

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“Follw me ontTwitter @50cent Im done with instagram this sh** is wack,” captioned 50. The Get Rich Or Down Trying rapper has taken his talents to Twitter. Since then he was only posted dark photos full of mystique. One can not figure out the meaning of 50’s posts, but his newsworthy troll posts will continue to be missed on Instagram.

Yesterday, 50’s name came up when Hot 97.1 radio host, Ebro Darden, compared his alleged 2004 Summer Jam brawl to Conor Mcgregor and Kabiib’s. According to Darden, 50 committed a number of questionable acts. He allegedly threw a chair and snatched a chain. As a result of the alleged actions, Darden banned him from Summer Jam and the Hot.97 radio station. As usual Ferarri F 50 clapped back in a series of tweets.


“Ebro is a sucker I never threw a chair, and I never snatched a chain in my life. Maybe Kanan but not me,” said the “I Get Money” artist.

50 then followed up with visual proof to combat Ebro’s statements. He compares himself to Thor as he catches a chair thrown at him from the audience.

“Yes I caught a chair that was thrown at me from the crowd.”

As one of hip-hop’s most renowned, revered and prolific figures, 50 decided to take his talents to Hot 97’s competitor, Power 105.1. You can add that to a number of figures the radio station have lost in the last couple of years.





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