Its been thirteen years since her last album, but it seems that Missy Elliott is preparing to end her (relative) musical drought. The rap legend affirmed that she’s chipping away at another LP, which will stamp her first since 2005’s, The Cookbook.

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Reacting to a Recording Academy tweet setting that she’d affirmed another collection, Missy said, “You can expect nothing but records and people going back to dancing nonstop!All Facts! Thank you @RecordingAcademy love yall❤️.”

Although Missy didn’t officially announce a forthcoming album, she has been teasing new sounds on social media. This, and previous tweets about the matter demonstrates uplifting news for diehard Missy fans.


A great deal has changed since Missy Misdemeanor dropped off her last solo group of work, which incorporates features from the likes of Mike Jones, M.I.A, Ciara, Slick Rick, Fatman Scoop and more. In that time, trap, Auto-Tune-bound songs and the lo-fi style of South Florida’s rap scene have turned into the most predominant sounds in the Hip Hop genre. The state of the music business has changed a considerable measure, as well. Missy’s last LP dropped three years before Spotify even launched.

Those previously mentioned changes to the Hip Hop scene aren’t lost on Missy, who reviewed the manner in which change made her reluctant to drop another task.

In a tweet dated Oct. 1, Missy expressed, “For so long I was hesitant to put out music in fear no 1 would get it because people said music has changed & my sound been so different but NOW IM LIKE hey‍♀️ bump it make music that feels good to me let me Get y’all asses dancing again.”

After five days, on Oct. 6, Missy tweeted a message that indicated that she’s planning to release new music. She wrote, “[In] 2019Let me get yall asses DANCING AGAIN”Cool Off.”

“Cool Off” appears to be the name of a new song she’s working on. She provides a sample of the hyperactive new tune in the same tweet.