Gov. Phil Murphy and New Jersey lawmakers finally have a date in mind for passing what could be the biggest legislation in years: marijuana legalization and they want to get it done by Halloween.

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There is one potential stumbling block; a tax. Lawmakers are talking about a pretty hefty tax that they want to impose on the drug once it becomes available commercially.

Murphy and lawmakers say they’re looking at Oct 29th as the day the state Legislature should pass a bill legalizing marijuana in New Jersey. It’s not clear if the governor would actually sign it that day or right afterward. Murphy was asked about marijuana legalization during a recent Facebook live interview, and he told the audience that he’s looking at signing something “sooner than later.”


He also said that, based the tenor of the discussions and the give-and-take between the Murphy administration and lawmakers, Oct. 29th, “feels about right.”

Murphy said there will be several pieces to the legislation, including expansion of the medical marijuana program. The “biggest mountain to climb,” he said, will be legalizing the drug for recreational use.