Orlando Brown is at long last getting the assistance he needs thanks to good friends who never gave up on him and organized an intervention to get him into rehab.

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Orlando’s friend, Danny Boy, the owner of a Vegas restaurant that the That’s So Raven star broke into a month ago , reached Wendy Wheaton and Tommy Red, Hollywood producers with contacts in the rehab world.

The initial plan was to get the former Disney star some help in August, however, those plans were canceled after he was arrested early September for breaking into Danny’s establishment. When Orlando was released, he went MIA for a few weeks, as per TMZ.


Fast forward to last Sunday cops were called to a San Fernando Valley hotel after he went ballistic. He was so terrible off, his friends waited a few days for the intervention.

Orlando Brown’s currently getting help for mental health and substance abuse issues.

Orlando’s had his fair share of trouble, including his infamous bounty hunters bust in April where he was captured in his underwear.