Toker of the Eazy-E crated group Brownside has passed away in Mexico last Wednesday (October 10). Toker was born Gilbert Izquierdo and died suddenly.

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Brownside was founded by the late Eazy-E in 1994. The group was developed to be a Chicano version of N.W.A. and was signed to Ruthless Records. Brownside had hit singles in “Gang Related,” “Do or Die,” and “Eastside Drama” and created a lane for more Mexican-American rappers to follow. Brownside disbanded in 1995, shortly after the death of Eazy E until 5 years ago when Toker reprised the group.

Publicist and friend Shayna Wilson spoke with HipHopDX regarding Toker’s passing and shared aside from bringing the group back he was working for prison reform, speaking against L.A. gentrification and detailing the impact of ICE-related occurrences of families in the Los Angeles area. In addition to those, Toker donated $30,000 to Mexico for earthquake relief in 2017.


Toker’s cause of death is currently unknown. He was 51-years-old at the time of death.