Hustle in Brooklyn is a new reality series on BET which follows the social and professional lives of inspiring music influencers from New York, including Alicia Gooding, Azia Toussaint, Ron “Baggy Large” Walker, Danielle Rosias, Darnell King, Eva, Ivy Riviera, Jesse Brown, and Santos Garcia.

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BET Networks announced the show will be centered around “young and sexy millennials” as they “balance in their professional hustle and personal lives,” according to

The show aired immediately after the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards, but Two Bees TV caught up with the cast ahead of the show.


Cast members Baggy Large, Ivy, and Azia were asked how growing up in Brooklyn shaped them to be the hustlers that they are today. “It definitely humbled me.” Ivy answered. “It reminds me that you should never forget where you’re from.”

When rising rapper, Azia, was asked how has her Flatbush/Crown Heights shaped her to be the woman she is today she swiftly responded, “I learned how to hustle. I learned how to get things done from start to finish, completed. I learned how to juggle through obstacles. I learned how to get in trouble. I learned how to do some things I wasn’t supposed to learn how to do. But I also learned to get out and follow my dreams and never give up.

Did you watch the Hustle in Brooklyn premiere on Tuesday, October 16th?