Crystal Tamar an R&B singer/songwriter is determined to make her mark as a solo artist. A former member of T-Pain’s Sophia Freshpreviously signed to Atlantic. Crystal Tamar is ready to unveil what she’s been working on since the group split. With her new hit single “Nowhere”, Crystal teamed up with producer Cam Wallace (“Upgrade U” Beyonce) and writer Kalenna Harper (of Diddy – Dirty Moneyfame) to demonstrate the strength of her love to her man. Along with her upbeat and catchy chorus that reminisces of Tamia’s Leave it Smokin’ vibes. Crystal is definitely not here to play games!

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In this video Crystal’s soulful yet sexy acoustic vocals really do an excellent job at illustrating the commitment and love that she has for her boo. When compared to other music videos, the acoustic version is stripped down of all the flourishes and embellishments, leaving Crystal’s voice to be the star of the show. The slow melody depicts the unbreakable bond between her and her lover.

For all of the young listeners, Crystal is certainly someone to keep an ear out for. Her songs have a level or realism that make each single relatable and fresh. Which would put her in the same lane as Ella Mai along with H.E.R.


Even though this isn’t her first time shining, Crystal shows no signs of slowing down.