At this point, we are aware of the fact that J Prince Sr. does not play when it comes to his adopted son, Drake. The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO  recently released a new book entitled, The Art & Science of Respect. In regards to promoting the book, he linked up with TMZ to address some things as well. When the rap executive was asked about Pusha T’s comments regarding how he received the info for his diss “The Story of Adidon,” he believes that Pusha could be lying about his source.

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“I could clearly see right now the act of damage control is being displayed by Pusha T because of the interview Drake laid out there,” said J Prince. “That’s what that’s all about. We moved forward.”

The Rap-A-Lot CEO referred to Drake’s appearance of LeBron’s HBO show, The Shop. J Prince does not consider the Pusha T and Drake situation beef anymore.


“Pusha is like an ant to us. Like an ant that crawl around you know? We could smash him any time we chose to if that’s something we wanted to do, but that’s not the case here you know? I came involved to put this to rest and as far as I’m concerned this is dead, but this strictly an act of damage control.”

J Prince is obviously one of Hip-Hop most revered figures. During the beef, Prince instructed Drake to forgo the release of the response to Pusha T’s diss. Drake listened.

Peep the full interview with the Hip-Hop legend on TMZ here.