Yesterday the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles met in a Week 7 match-up but there was fireworks on the field before the game kicked off. Panthers safety Eric Reid and Eagles safety Malcom Jenkins clashed on the field, having to be separated and the intensity for the day was set.

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ESPN reports the two have disagreements over the kneeling during the National Anthem, with Reid believing Jenkins “capitalized on the situation” and then sold out himself, Colin Kaepernick and others who stuck with the movement.

Malcom Jenkins cofounded the Players Coalition and was one of the players who originally took to one knee during The National Anthem, however, he didn’t continue to do so during the rest of the season like Kaep and Reid. At the time the NFL made a contribution, a sum of $100 million, to organizations who supported the movement of kneeling, once they did Reid states Jenkins withdrew his support and stopped kneeling.
“He co-opted with the movement that was started by Colin to get his organization started. It was cowardly,” Reid shared.


Reid would also go on to state the money that was donated was not extra funds from the owners, instead a reallocation of funds that went to other causes in the National Football League such as Breast Cancer Awareness.

After the incident Kaepernick took to Twitter and seemingly cosigned the words spoken by Eric Reid, stating “Enough said!!!”

View tweets showing the incident on the field below.