Kim Kardashian celebrated her 38th birthday over the weekend. The beauty mogul spent her day appearing on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, and was also a featured guest on The Alec Baldwin Show.

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“I let him be who he wants to be,” Kim told Alec Baldwin about her marriage to Ye. “I let him have his own views and opinions, even if they’re different from mine.”

The reality star went on to explain that she thinks her husband’s support for Donald Trump is what swayed POTUS to grant Alice Marie Johnson clemency. Kim says the former inmate also believes that she would’ve remained incarcerated had it not been for Trump and Yeezy’s bromance.


“I do believe she would still be in prison,” Kardashian told Baldwin. “Alice and I spoke about this. We spoke on the phone yesterday, and we’ve spoke about this a few times. Alice always says, ‘If it wasn’t for Kanye speaking up in support of Trump,’ then she would still be in jail.”

Kim Kardashian went on to explain the awkward moment when she first walked in on Caitlyn Jenner.