Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Spice, isn’t waiting for the new year to make changes.

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After a brief social media hiatus, the Dancehall queen announced that she was going on Instagram live at 1:00 pm Eastern time. “Missed you all so much,” she wrote on the caption. She didn’t mention what she would be talking about on live, she just called for all her fans “get ready.”


What we probably weren’t ready for was to see that Spice completely changed her skin color. Following the live, she posted up a picture of her new self. From the looks of the comments, many fans are in shock and asking if it was even real.

Although Jamaica is a predominantly Black culture, people are still bleaching their skins to appear more “beautiful.” The desire for a lighter complexion in Jamaican culture is deeply rooted by slavery and colonialism.

How are y’all feeling her new skin color?