Dennis Rodman is not joining the ranks of people slamming Kanye West for his pro-Trump comments but he thinks Ye is all bravado just like the president.

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The Worm was out in New York City helping his agent, Darren Prince, promote his new book, Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom at the Top.

When asked about Kanye’s recent rant, Rodman said, “Kanye has been doing what Donald Trump‘s been doing just like this [makes constant talking gesture], he just forces his opinion.”


Both Dennis and Kanye have developed relationships with the President and Dennis has been trying to take Kanye on a trip with him to North Korea to meet Kim Jong Un. Maybe the next time we see the duo together they’ll be sitting alongside Kim Jong.

Dennis already has his eyes set for a three the hard way meeting with North Korea President  Kim Jong Un. The belief is Kanye and Jong Un would get along just fine by Rodman. Who knows what these three egomaniacs could say or do when they’re in the same room together.