With their 2018 summer hit album The Now Now still on the minds of many — heck, we’re still bumping Demon Days over here! — virtual rock band Gorillaz takes another cool adventure into the world fine timepieces, with a little help from the watch masters over at Casio G-SHOCK.

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Each member gets their own specific design and packaging, with 2D (seen above), Murdoc Niccals and Noodle getting some DW5600 swag, while drummer man Russel Hobbs opts for the sturdy GX56 to match his larger-than-life build and persona. The former watch model includes all the key specs needed, including shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance and an LCD scratch resistant watch face. The GX56 has solar-powered specs, in addition to shock and mud resistance. Animated, funky and full of soul — those words could easily describe the band itself, but it also works for describing this dope set of watches, too!

Expect the G-SHOCK x Gorillaz watch collection to arrive at the G-SHOCK Soho Store and online, with Murdoc and 2D’s designs dropping on November 15 for $120 USD, followed by the Noodle watch for $120 USD and the Russel for $170 both hitting retailers December 15. Check them all out below: