Netflix is working on a new project together with the visionary artist  Wyclef Jean, an animated film inspired by the story of his childhood, spent in Haiti. Stampede, the entertainment company recently founded by Greg Silverman, is collaborating with the three Grammy-winning musicians to produce this feature, which will be written by Justin Marks ( The Jungle Book, Counterpart ).

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I grew up in poverty, but my imagination has always been rich. Today, seeing the fantasies of when I was a child turning into reality with Netflix and my production partners, gives birth to a desire to convey a message to the children of shanty towns all over the world: never stop dreaming, said Wyclef.


Silverman and Jean will serve as producers for the film. Madeline Nelson and Nick Lewin will co-produce, and Lisa Zambri and Cara Fano will oversee the project for Stampede.

Wyclef is an amazing storyteller. Expect a great representation of his life and of Haiti, when this new Netflix project officially drops.