Last week, FILA announced that the global sportswear brand would be partnering once again with legendary basketball player Grant Hill.

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After two decades since the pair first came together in the 1990s, FILA and Grant Hill are joining for a lifetime deal similar to what LeBron James inked with Nike back in 2015. Now, we know how lucrative that’s playing out for King James, so we can only imagine what’s in store for Hill!

Well, that’s exactly what we decided to do: imagine what could come from this reunion between one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game and one of the greatest brands to ever enter the sportswear realm. Take a look below to see what we’re hoping for:


His Reissued Pistons Jersey

First and foremost! When FILA gave Hill his initial endorsement deal after being picked 3rd overall by the Detroit Pistons in 1994, it gave the future basketball legend the opportunity to launch a legacy for himself that inspired many players afterwards. You probably could find one of these at a spot like Mr. Throwback, but something new that commemorates all of his latest accomplishments — i.e. his induction into the Hall Of Fame last month for starters! — would be pretty sweet.

More Lifestyle Products, Including Headphones

As we all know, Grant Hill has spent time in his post-NBA career as a knowledgeable sports analyst so he definitely knows what’s needed for a good pair of headphones. Since FILA is a lifestyle brand that goes way beyond sneakers, it couldn’t hurt to get some Grant Hill-approved Over-Ear headphones with Bluetooth capabilities. Just saying!

Athletic Apparel for the Ladies, Too

One of the most respectable things about Grant Hill is his love and adoration for his wife, veteran R&B singer Tamia. Women love sportswear too, so we can definitely see this new deal being the perfect opportunity to launch some gear for the ladies. If he can get the “So Into You” songstress to model for the lookbook as well, we’d be so into it!

Partnership With His Many Charities

From his past work helping out with the Special Olympics, to his joint venture with the wifey for the Tamia & Grant Hill Foundation, our guy is definitely a man of giving back. Whether it deals with giving sneakers to unfortunate kids or clothing to those suffering hard times due to unforeseen natural disasters, we can’t see a better time to launch something for the good of the people.

A FILA-Branded Suit Collection

Image: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Most of the time you see Grant Hill he’s rocking a suit, so why not kill it with some sportswear-inspired suits? It would work perfectly for players in the league right now who have to follow style restrictions, and the regular guy who could use a little tech wear in his sports coat.

….And Some Mens Grooming Products as Well For Athletes!

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We saw this on the ‘Gram not too long ago, and we’ve got to agree! Hill has one of the most proper hairlines and beard touch-ups in the game right now. Why not share the love?

A Threeway Collaboration With Sprite

We’re not sure if Grant Hill and Sprite still have a relationship, but what better way to spark things back up than now? If we can get another commercial like the one seen above, it would be worth it for sure. The paycheck from both brands would be, well, pretty lucrative as well to say the least.

A Full Campaign That Shows Off Grant Hill’s Rapping Skills

Come on — we’re a Hip-Hop magazine! Of course we want to see Grant Hill spit a hot 16 for the one time like he did during his Rapsody-penned verse for the Damian Lillard 4Bar Challenge seen above. We need this one for the culture!

An Apparel Collection Inspired By His Love For African-American Art

Not too many people know that Grant Hill is an avid art collector — specifically pieces inspired by and credited to African Americans. If you want to get an idea of what we’d like to see incorporated into a collection of hoodies, tees and jogger sets, the Nasher Museum Of Art still has a record of his collection that was featured in an exhibition back in 2006.

Updated FILA 96 Colorways!

We may be wishful thinking when it comes to the other suggestions, but this one is sure to happen in some fashion. Whether it’s the OG colorway or a few new ones, we can’t wait to see the FILA 96 — known to many as the Grant Hill 2 — make its much-welcomed return with the man himself spearheading the drop. Looking forward, for sure!

Expect more info around this monumental reunion befween FILA and Grant Hill in the coming months, but head over to FILA to stay updated on the details surrounding this new lifetime deal.