The quality announcements keep on coming for SMACK / URLTV’s Summer Madness 8 in London, with Arsonal vs. Nu Jerzey Twork the fourth announcement on an already stacked card on November 10 and came as somewhat of a surprise considering NJT’s recent few months. The Jersey on Jersey battle promises to be a quality match-up, with Twork’s performance against fellow Jersey battler Shotgun Suge recently dropping and showing him back at his near best.

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This battle will certainly be a landmark test for NJT, facing the aggression and disrespect that has made Arsonal the legendary performer that he is, who is certainly at home on the biggest of stages. NJT has been inconsistent recently, with some below-par performances and no-shows certainly damaging his overall stock by his own admission. What is undeniable is the potential NJT has, and if he is able to show out on URL’s biggest card of the year he may go a long way to being able to redeem himself in the eyes of the fans. If he stumbles again, it may be it for NJT on URL for quite a while (as per fellow-Jersey artist Tsu Surf’s recent Twitter comments referencing Smack).


This will be NJT’s first time battling out of America and will certainly prove to be a very difficult best against a seasoned Arsonal who has battled significantly abroad on multiple leagues, including in London numerous times (memorable clash, in particular, was his highly viewed battle vs. Shotty Horroh on Don’t Flop in 2012). Arsonal is tried and tested, consistent and appears highly motivated for this match-up having requested in particular NJT for SM8 in order to continue to prove his reign as King of Jersey remains despite him jumping in and out of battle rap retirement. Considering the magnitude of the stage, we should expect a fully prepared NJT in London as a lot is riding on this. Will he be able to keep his cool and get three quality, full rounds off with Ars barking in his face though throughout? The stage is set in London for NJT’s greatest test yet, and he could prove himself to be back in contention as one of URL’s top up and comers along with Geechi Gotti and B Dot who have both been extremely consistent of late. If the remaining matchups are as quality as the first four, URL may cement SM8 as being the battle rap card of 2018. Jersey.