Beyoncé will soon have one less legal battle. The Blast reports Beyoncé and the owners of the Feyonce clothing line will soon come to a close. Court documents show a scheduled November 1 hearing is going to be called off.

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The case is believed to not go to trial and detailed from the Queen’s side in a statement: “The parties have met and conferred regarding settlement and are currently involved in advanced negotiations that the parties anticipate will resolve this matter shortly.”

The case has been ongoing for a while and Beyoncé was recently denied by a federal judge to create an injunction against the clothing line that would shut down production and require money that was made to be handed over. Beyoncé cited the brand used her name to profit on the products and could be believed that they were endorsed by her.


“A rational jury might or might not conclude that the pun here is sufficient to dispel any confusion among the purchasing public. Many purchasers of Feyonce products are, in fact, engaged, just as many Mike product purchasers were named Mike,” the judge wrote. “Viewed in the light most favorable to defendants, this evidence suggests that consumers are understanding the pun, rather than confusing the brands.”

Both sides will update the status of their agreement in the middle of November.